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Pirate Flag…

I was not sure if we were supposed to post our flags onto our pirate page but I thought I would explain mine on my blog just in case.

I decided to use the idea of flying “fake” flags in order for the pirates to get closer to the ships. I used a French flag, blue, white, and red. In the middle located on the white stripe is a picture of a skeleton praying on his knees. I thought this would get the point across to my enemies; to draw them in with the fake colors of the flag and then by the time it is too late they notice the skeleton.

The skeleton praying was to inform the other ship that praying to their god(s) was the only thing they could do because defeat was inevitable.



I am aggressive and bossy

I wonder if Queen Anne’s Revenge will make it through another storm.

I smell the salty air.

I see Charleston and its governor waiting.

I want the governor to see things MY way.

I am aggressive and bossy.

I pretend I am another friendly ship in order to draw them closer.

I feel the heat beating down on my black hair.

I touch my pistol at my side.

I worry one day the fun will end.

I cry at the thought of my ship sinking.

I am aggressive and bossy

I understand my days are numbered.

I do NOT say “Walk the plank!”

I dream of being with my many wives.

I try to take the smallest ships because they glide quickly through the water.

I hope to continue my journey.

I am aggressive and bossy.


I really enjoyed learning about the Pirate Lessons. I enjoy finding out different ways I can keep students interested while teaching them at the same time. Pairing fiction with nonfiction is an ingenious way of helping children have fun with learning. The launching of the unit was very creative and I especially liked the three areas that were created to spark the students interest. Using the Twin Text idea carry across the curriculum into other subjects and would keep interests levels up in the classroom.

I really enjoyed this article and would love to implement these lessons into my future classrooms one day.

My life depends on…

I try to be early

whenever I can

I set my watch fast

So I never have to panic

Things to do and places to go

Homework, football games, and birthdays

Everything has its place in my planner

Things to do and places to go


I am having problems with writing in my journal daily. As a child I kept my own journal with all my thoughts and secrets. I am not exactly sure why I stopped writing in my journal I found it very therapeutic at the time because I could write and draw whatever I was feeling at the time without being judged.

For this assignment I keep searching for the right entries to transcribe into my journal. I do not feel as though I have that same freedom that I had growing up. Is it because it is an assignment and not something I have willingly decided to complete? Or could it be because I am so focused on what others will think about my writing that I am hesitant to write freely? I feel like this assignment was supposed to be about freedom of expression and I have turned into a task that I put off until the last possible minute. I am putting this in a blog because I am wondering if others have overcame or are struggling with these same obstacles.

My Name

This is Petrie from The Land Before Time.

This is Petrie from The Land Before Time.

I was the first born of what would turn into being five children, four girls and one boy. My parents put thought into each and every one of our names which is what makes my name so special to me. My mom and dad both agreed on the name Jessica before I was even born. They have always told me that it meant Queen. As I was growing up I acted out my name to a “T”. Soon I became a big sister and my mom would always refer to me as “the little Queen” any time I felt that I wasn’t getting the same amount of attention as my little sister Kristen. Now that I am 21 with four younger siblings I sometimes still get attention starved and my mom always refers to that part of me as her Queen.

My middle name is also an important name to me; it was my mother’s maiden name. When I was in elementary school my peers would always tease me about my middle name. I mean it isn’t that difficult to come up with a joke about Petry (yes, like on the Land Before TIme). But as I got older it became an original nickname for me. Now most all of my friends introduce me as Petry and it makes for a great icebreaker when meeting new people.

Heart Hugs

Over this weekend I learned a facinating story about the proper way to give a hug. I was told this by a friend of mine as a reached up to give him a hug before leaving his house. I leaned in and attempted to rest my head on his right shoulder. Then he asked me if I wanted our friendship to end tonight. I of course replied, “No!” and asked him what made him think that. He responded that giving a “heart hug” was the correct to give to someone you like or care about. This “heart hug” is simple but requires that when you hug someone this way you must touch hearts (placing my head on his left shoulder). By giving a hug without your hearts touching tells that person that you would like your friendship to end.

I am unsure if this information is factual or demonstrated in other parts of the world but I thought this idea was intriguing enough to look into. I poked around on the internet for some time and was unable to find any information on this type of hug. But thats not to say that it doesn’t exist somewhere.


I thought this portion of the book was very interesting and I look forward to completing this book. When the author was discussing the problem she faced after asking students to purchase their own notebooks, choosing one that “called to them”. I think this makes an important point to all upcoming teachers. The author had an idea of what she wanted the students to get out of this activity and she soon realized that not all students were after the same thing. Many students put time into finding the right notebook while others just got the first thing they saw. Many teachers have this idea that all students are just as excited to learn as they are to teach the material. This “fairytale world” is just that, a fairytale, not every student is going to be on board with every assignment given to them and its important that teachers come to this realization early and address the issues then. The example given in the text was of the student who brought a small notepad with the idea that he would have to write less because of his notebook’s size. In order to alleviate this problem, buying the notebooks in advance is probably the best way to go. This insures that all students have the same basic requirements and if this approach is taken then students should be given the opportunity to make their notebook’s special to them. This can be done in the classroom or even as homework. It is important that the instructor makes each student feel like they have something special to them this could also make writing in the notebook more meaningful to the student.

Hello world!

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